2002年08月31日(土) It was the first time to go out to drink

Early morning, Kojo and Akiko came to my house to pick Mika up to go camping.
Because I wanted to see Akiko, Mika woke me up.
Long time no see Akiko has gotten very dark !

After dinner, I went to Irvine Spectrum with Masaki to check the bars that wether they have music live show, but they don't have jazz.
And then we drank at a Thai food restaurant.

2002年08月30日(金) Mika's final day

I was absent from my school because I couldn't find baby-sitter.
Tonight is Mika's final night in my house.
We had good-bye party at a Korian food restaurant.

Late night, Masaki dropped in me on his way home that he went to San Diego to fix his car.
However it has broken again.
He couldn't go back home, and then he staied in my house.

I called up my ex-boyfriend T-K.
but he didn't answer.

2002年08月29日(木) Conversation is very important.

Pauline, Mika, and I told our problem about home, and finaly we could understand and apologized each other.
I just hope everybody's happiness and never hope that they will leave from my house with teir complaint.
Today's conversation time has been very important for us.

I took Mayu to her piano lesson and met Nels after a long separation.
Anyway, he is nice guy and good-looking.

2002年08月28日(水) The first day of my new school

It was the first day of my new school.
I took assessment test early morning, and then I joined grammer class.
All of this school's class are harder than ISL.
But it's good for me.

From 3:00p.m., Mika, Masaki, Kojo, my children, and I went to Newport beach.
The sea has gotten cold.
Fall is coming....

2002年08月27日(火) I've changed my school.

Although I considered to enroll new school that Poly Language School, I'v decided to do at last becaouse I thought that I should change circumstance of studying English.

Nels called up me about my lesson.

Yoshi and Mika came to my house, and then we 4 studied until 2 A.M.

2002年08月26日(月) The result was "No".

I went to IVC to know result that about I can enroll in it on discount feer or not.
The result was "No".
I depressed.
And then we looked for Poly Language School to indefenity their location.

At night, Mika and I had talked as we were drinking until 5 A.M.

2002年08月25日(日) I'm everybody's mother?

Today is Natsuko's final day in the U.S.
She droped in me before she went to LAX because I couldn't attend her good-bye party at dorm yesterday.

At night, Kojo and Masaki came to my house.
Kojo was glad to saw me and said,
"I had a relief because I could see Yun !".

2002年08月24日(土) New days started.

I'v gotten back from Japan around 2:00 p.m.
My husband and Mika came to LAX to pick us up.

My new days started over today.
I don't know about my future but I must keep on walking.
I conected internet,so I read some massages that my friends send me.

2002年08月15日(木) ...


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