2002年01月30日(水) The Culture Day

Today was the Culture Day in Mayu's elementary school.
The Culture Day is an entertainment that students wear their own sountry's ethnic dresses, and parade.
After my English school, I hurried up and went to Mayu's school to watch the parade.
Mayu was wearing a pink Yukata, she was the cutest and standing out among another girls wearing Yukata.
Eache children who were wearing their own country's ethnic dresses, they were so cute and their looks so pride.

After elementary school, we went to the Mitsuwa Market with Mrs.Lee and her doughter Esther.
Mrs.Lee wanted to buy Miso to cook Miso Soup.
In Japanese market have many goods from Koria.
Cause I can't understand the Hangul alphabet, Mrs.Lee interpreted them for me.
I interpreted Japanese food menu for Mrs.Lee, and we ate lunch in the Mitsuwa Market.

2002年01月29日(火) Do I have my dream ? What is my dream ?

Today's the theme of the conversation class was "My dream".
I thought about my dream deeply.
Do I have my dream ?
What is my dream ?
If I say my whish, I want to return to Japan, I want to return to my job.
And I want to walk in my life by my feet and enjoy my life.
Some students' dreams may be to get big money or to get married with a rich guy.
But I'm too old to have such a dream.
I have known that big money and marriage never would give me all of the happiness for me.

Tomorrow is the Culture Day in Mayu's elementary school.
It is a event that every studdent expresses their own country's culture.
They plan to display folkcrafts and parade on their ethnic dresses.
Mayu will wear a Yukata kind of Kimono, I made it 3 years ago.
Usually, Kimono need to be made over to fit with children's glowing up.
So tonight, I must make over the Yukata for Mayu.

2002年01月28日(月) I am a little nervous.

I went to the Chinese restaurant with my class mates after school.
We were 8 people, and we ordered 6 dishes, but we finished eating all of them in less than no time.

After I picked Mayu up from her school, Tomo and we went to the Mitsuwa Market.
Tomo checked the posted AD about her car she wants to sell, I bought some Japanese food.
And then after that, we went to the croquette shop which is neae the Mistuwa Market.
I ate croquette after an interval of 3 years.
It's taste was so good old.

From this morning to tomorrow midnight, my husband is going away on business to Soltlake City.
I am a little nervous, couse we are staying in my house, only one woman and children.
But I'm easy.

2002年01月27日(日) Do almost all Japanese girls speak so much ?

This morning, my husband and children played at the front of my house with my neighber's children.
Mayu kept practicing her roller blades and I tried to do it too.
(I can put on Mayu's roller blades, because my feet are so small...)
It was a beginning for me, but I think maybe I can do it better than Tommie and Mayu.

At noon, Mr.Rick and Miss.Miho came to my house, and soon they and my husband went to the Costa Mesa Country Club, until the night.
My children told me their complains about daddy went to golf and left them.
Always after he leaves, I have a lot of problems on quieting them.

In the night time, I sewed and finished a couple of pyjamas for my son, and I ironed our many bedclothes.
It was hard work for me.

Today Mr.Rick told my husband about yesterday's party.
He asked "Do almost all Japanese girls speak so much ?".
He can't speak Japanese but he can understand what we said in Japanese.

2002年01月26日(土) Tomo needed to check the car.

Early morning, Tomo came to my house.
My family and I went Mayu's Japanese school with Tomo.
Because the car shop is near the school, where my husband found a good used car for Tomo.
Tomo needed to check the car.
First, after we droped Mayu off at her school, we went to the Marukai Market, and then I bought so many kinds of Japanese food and others.
In the car shop, we heard a story about a cheated Japanese student from the merchant.
Tomo was so surprised.

Befor I went to my piano lesson, I had preliminaries to make Takoyaki.
I returned to my house, we had the Takoyaki party again.
Tomo, Tommie, Tohru, Chitose, and my husband's co-worker Mr.Rick & Miss.Miho came to my house.
Tomo made Takoyaki for us to reward for looking for used cars and going to the car shop together.
I baked fish in my garden.
Tommie brought a very delicious cake that her host mother made for me.
Everybody's looks so happy !

2002年01月25日(金) I chatted with my friend.

Today's my school field trip.
The students went to Newport Beach, but I was abcent from the field trip.
Every weekend I got so tired, and I had many things I have to do today.

In the early morning, after my family left our house, I chatted with my friend who is Mayu's teacher of elementary school in Japan, on the internet "MSN messenger".
Japan was Friday midnight.
I asked her, about Mayu plans to return to her school during this summer vacation.
Mayu's teacher Miss.Ichikawa will talk about it with the principal, and send e-mail to me later.

After, I slept enough, for a long time.

In the afternoon, I did much house work and fixed my main computer.
But I can't fix it yet.

2002年01月24日(木) Hair cutting.

Today's vocal lesson was for 1 hour.
If the next student is abcent from Nels'es lesson, Nels should teach me more time always.
Nels wrote song words on my song written by myself.
It's title is "On The Town".

At night, baby-sitter Tommie asked me, "Can I borrow your hair cutting scissors ?".
I have some tools for hair cutting, becouse I went to hairdressers technical college a long time ago.
Tommie wanted to cut Tohru's hair.

I brought scissors and another tools, and while i cut Tohru's hair.
Tommie got so exited and said "would you please cut my hair, if you don't get tired".
I cut Tommie's hair as I was enjoying it.

When they left my house, I tried to pay the money for Tommie's baby-sitting, but she said "I don't need the money today. Becouse Yun cut our hair".
I refused her asking, but after I thought, I stoped trying to pay.
Bcause I should receive the money, Tommie will be easy to ask me for her hair cutting next time.

2002年01月23日(水) I mooned......

Today, my feeling was not good.
Maybe I had a cold.
I had a headache today, but my headache is usually.

I mooned all day long.
And then, I went to bed earler than usuall.

2002年01月22日(火) I'm worry about Miyuki.

Miyuki invited me to lunch.
She wanted to give me my reward, because she was very glad about her dress being finished.
I took pleasure in sewing with Miyuki, and when her dress was finished I was glad too.
And then I refused her asking several times.
But at last we went to the Soup Exchange, and Miyuki paid for my lunch.

I'm worry about Miyuki.
I hope she can get good memories in the U.S.

In today's conversation class, I couldn't understand Janet's asking that about horse riding.
I didn't understand what she was asking about the field trip, and I answered "No".
But if everybody wants to go, it's all right with me of course.
I like to look at my friends enjoying themselves !

2002年01月20日(日) Miyuki and I made her dress

In the evening, Miyuki came to my house.
And Miyuki and I went to the Joann Fabric to buy her dress'es buttons with my children.
During the time we were leaving, Tommie and Toru came to my house and went to golf with my husband.

We were too late, I was worrying about Tommie's hunger, and sure enough they were waitting for me with their hungry stomachs.
When we returned to my house, they were talking
"Let's eat these avocados. If we close our eyes and eat them with soy-sauce, we will probably can feel their taste the same as rare tuna."

I cooked fried noodles for the hungry guys.
Miyuki and I made her dress, every one watched video movies.
Late that night, Miyuki finished !
She had some mistake but she didn't give up.
She did a good job !
I'm happy to be finished with her dress too !

Tommie and Toru stayed at my house.

2002年01月19日(土) I can't understand Nels says words.

This evening, my husband and children went to Anaheim to watch the motorcycle race "The Super Crosse".
My husband invited me, but I refused it because I didn't want to be absent from my piano lesson.
Lately I'm thinking that I became can't understand Mr.Nels says words.
If he tells me faster gradually or he uses more difficult words.
I want to understand all of his words.
But at the beginning of his lesson, I couldn't speak anything exsept Yes and No.
Now, I can understand more compare to that time.

I found the Jazz Theory Book from my moving box.
I got it from my friend.
It has difficult contents, but I want to try becouse it is writtern in Japanese and English.

2002年01月18日(金) Anna's baby may be born in L.A.


Today, conversation class'es theme was about foods.
And I couldn't tolerate my hunger.
Other students should be hungry, we, about 16 people went to lunch together after school.

I picked Mayu up from her school on my way home and went back to our house, a little later Miyuki came to my house.
We made her dress until my husband came back.

In the evening, after Miyuki left, my family and I went to the restaurant "Anjin".
There is a Japanese BBQ restaurant, my husband likes it there.
In the Anjin, we saw Tatsuo Umemiya and his family.
They are public figures in Japan.
(The next day, I knew from the internet news that his doughter Anna had a new baby on January 21 in L.A.)

2002年01月17日(木) I felt woefulness by myself.


At 4:00 pm, Tommie and Toru came to my house.
Tommie was baby-sitting, and Toru was.......Souhei's favorite.
In lately, Souhei fears Tommie.
Tommie's words should have strict power for Souhei.
And then Souhei attaching to sweet Toru.
It's so funny to watch.

After I cooked dinner, I went to my vocal lesson hastily.
I had to bring my Mini Disc (MD) player, music sheets and......many things.
But today, I forgot my special MD, it has back music for my song.
My trusted friend Hal recorded it for me on his guitar.
My MD player machine was empty.
Too, I couldn't memorize the song melody, that I'm learning, and I couldn't sing B melody.
I felt woefulness by myself.

2002年01月16日(水) Icee came to my house.

The came from Israel.
Hugar can't speak English but her mom can speak English very well.
And then Hugar's mom and I have to speak in English.
I answered her "I'v to go to English school everyday. Next Tuseday will be O.K. How about is your schedule?"
We will talk about our schedule next week.

This afternoon, Tomo came to my house to eat Curry Rice with her hostfamily's dog Icee.
This is the 2nd time, Icee came to my house.
Tomo, my neighborhood Romilda and I chatted.
Romilda's 3 sons and my children played at the front of our house.
And then Romilda and her sons go back their house, and we watched a video movie "Grinch" in my house until evening.

2002年01月15日(火) Mayu get better (^^)


Today, I could go school on time.
In this morning, Mayu's feeling was stil not good.
Her temperature fell down, but looks like she didn't want to go school.
But she said, "If I don't go school, mommy can't go school. I will go school."
I thanked her for her consideration.

I went to pick Mayu up from her school, as I was worried about her feeling.
But she was fine.
Her best friend Esther was waiting for her mommy.
They are Korean.
Esther can't speak English, but I tried to tell her in English, "Will you wait for your mom with Mayu ?".
She was silent and nodded.
Soon, Esther's mom Mrs.Lee came to their class room.
We and teacher Miss.Agapito chatted about our children and shopping in English.
Mrs.Lee can speak Japanese very well.
And she is studying English in adult school.
Sometimes, I explain to Mrs.Lee teacher said words in English and Japanese.

Tonight, I cooked curry rice.
Tomo will come to my house to eat it tomorrow afternoon.
At midnight, I was fixing my computer.

2002年01月14日(月) Mayu got asthma....


In this morning, Mayu vomited up.
Maybe she couldn't drink medicine, and she had a bad cough.
She was absent from her school.
So I couldn't go my English school, too.
Mayu's temperature was high, and she got asthma.
The inhalation for asthma has a bad taste.
Mayu hates it taste, when she used it, she vomited up sometimes.
But she must take it.
Today, she took 2 kinds of inhalations for asthma as her tears fell down.
I was so sad.....

At night, Miyuki called me on the phone, and told me they finished subjects in today's English class.

Today, I started to make Mayu's pyjamas and Tommie's pyjama pants.
Becouse Tommie stays in my house sometimes.

2002年01月13日(日) Tommie's circumstance


I supposed that Tommie and Tohru came my house at 10:00 a.m.
Becouse I was sleeping when they came.
And then, they and my husband went to golf.
After, I cooked lunch for them and my children.
Tommie had an appointment, they ate lunch that boiled dried daikon and white rice, and left from my house soon.

At 3:00 p.m., Miyuki came to my house to make her dress.
I'm teaching her how to make a dress.
When Miyuki and I drinking coffee, Tommie called me on the phone and said, "Would you please help me !"
She had some circumstance, we and my son Sohei went to her house by my car and take her to the place where Tohru was waiting.
(I didn't know the way to Tommie's house, but Miyuki knew it.)

Miyuki and I were making her dress until 11:00 p.m.

2002年01月12日(土) I'v pity on Mayu....


In this morning Mayu's temperature was a little high.
But she drank Tylenol and went to her Japanese school.
She can't be abcent from Japanese school.
Becouse it's classes are just once a week and it's subjects steps are too fast for children who are living in the U.S.
I have pity on Mayu.....
I made a lunch box for her, it had many her favorite foods.

In the evening, I went to my piano lesson.
I practiced to homework "Mr.P.C.", it is "Bluse in Cm".
But today, my teacher Mr.Nels was speaking about he loves "Pink Froide" all the time.
I learned jazz theory a little bit from him.
At last I didn't play "Mr.P.C.", and I had homework that composition the theme on the cords of "Bluse in F", and in the cool jazz style like a Miles Davis.
I told him "Next time, I want to play the piano, Bluse in Cm and F".
And then I went home.

2002年01月11日(金) UPS was too late !


In this morning, I called a phone UPS, about yesterday I couldn't get a mail or a box.
It may a very important mail from Japan, the Bank Of Mitsubishi, that we are dealing.
UPS said me that they will deliver in this morning.
But they were too late !
.....I couldn't go school, today.....

In the evening, Miyuki came my house, becouse she learned sawing from me.
She and my family ate dinner together in my house.

At midnight, my doughter Mayu had a fever and hard cough.
If she has a cold, my son will has a cold next when she become well, and then I will have a cold.
That term is about 2-3 weeks.
It's trouble !

2002年01月10日(木) I got Komatsuna-nappas !


I woke up at 6:30 a.m.
But after my family left from my house, I slept again.
And I slept this morning.
(I'm sorry, Janet !)

I could get Komastuna-nappas at the 99 Market on my way home.

At 4:00 p.m., Tommie and Masaki came to my house.
Tommie was baby-sitting becouse Masaki wanted to go to a musical instrument store, I took him go to the Jim's Music Center, it is where I'm taking music lesson.
During the time, I was taking my lesson, Masaki was looking guitars.
And we went back to my house, we ate Zoni, white rice, Mentaiko, and boiled Taro with Tommie, Masaki and my children.

In my vocal lesson, my teacher corrected my pronunciation.
My "L" and "-ng" pronunciations are not good.
And he read I'm learning song words, it title is "It's All Right With Me", and said "So funny words !".

2002年01月09日(水) Where is Komatsuna-Nappa?


In the evening, I wanted to go to the Mitsuwa Market with my children, but we couldn't arrive there.
Becouse the map that my husband drew, it was wrong.
We had lost our way for a long time, at last we could go back our house.
Tomorrow, Tommie intends to bring some Japanese rice cakes, and I plan to cook Zoni for her and my family.
I need Komatsuna-nappas.
It is necessary for Zoni !
(But it is just my thinking.......)

Today, I had too much homework.
After my children went to bed and I finished washing clothes and dishes washing, I did them.
First of all, I finished my English homework, and then I did music homework for tomorrow's vocal lesson.
I had to memorize song words and melody, understand song words meanings, tranlate the key in my voice range, and write them on a music sheet.

I went to bed at 3:30 a.m.

2002年01月01日(火) ...


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