2003年08月25日(月) ESL280 (Adv.Writing), ESL285 (Adv. Reading)


[Journal 0]

About Something that I Have Never Done

I would like to learn Korean language although I have never tried it yet. I am interested in Korean language because I heard from my friend who is from Korea and good at speaking Japanese, in grammar and pronunciation.
In addition, I think most of Japanese people don't know about our neighbor country well; however, two of our country have had many occurrences in our history.
If I could understand Korean language, I am able to make more friends because this college has many students from Korea.
After I study English enough to live in the United States, I am going to study Korean language.


It was the first class of ESL280 Advance Writing.
Our teacher gave us an assignment to write a journal, the theme was "About Something that You Want to Do but You Have Never Done".
Teacher must have wanted to know our English level for attending this calss.
Of course, we had to write up it without dictionary, and teacher checked over it as soon as we've done in class.
Some of classmates were not able to stay in this class.
They were recommended to take or add another class by teacher, and dropped from this class.

Writting this journal was a kind of assessment test.

I had known that after I wrote it, so I got be very nervouse to know the result.
But I got "Fine" contrary to my expections !
Therefor, I can be taking Advance Writing class.
For the time being, the first step of my mad challenge could have put through !!!!




[Summary of 3 News Stories & 5 new vocabulary from CNN.com]

'Jeepers Creepers 2' Wins Box Office

The movie "Jeepers Creepers 2" that is featuring a monster attacking a school bus full of teens, deposed another horror sequel, "Freddy vs. Jason," which had been the No.1 movie for the previous two weekends. "Freddy vs. Jason" fell to No.6 with $8.1 million, bringing its 17-day total to $73.4 million, according to industry estimates Monday.

5 New Vocabulary Words & Definition

1: box-office [n]
tickets' sales of theaters etc.
[box-office receipts]

2: depose [v]
to remove a ruler or political leader from their position of power

3: sequel [n]
a book, movie, play etc. that continues the story of an earlier one, usually written or made by the same person

4: industry [n]
a particular type of trade or service

5: estimate [n]
a calculation or judgment of the value, size, amount etc. of something


Jimena Downgraded to a Tropical Storm

Hurricane Jimena plowed across the Pacific with 80 mph winds, heading for a glancing blow on the Big Island of Hawaii with high wind, strong surf and heavy rain. It was in "dangerous" Category.
But Jimena weakened to a tropical storm on Monday. At 11 a.m.EDT, it was centered about 170 miles south-southeast of Hilo, its maximum sustained wind had decreased to about 70 mph. The storm was moving west-southwest at about 17 mph.
Although Hawaii encountered danger of a strong hurricane at the beginning, the residents were largely nonchalant.

5 New Vocabulary Words & Definition

1: downgrade [v]
to make something seem less important or valuable than it is, or to state that something is not as serious as it was
[downgrade STH to STH]

2: plow [v]
to move with a lot of effort or force
[ + across/along]

3: EDT
the abbreviation of Eastern Daylight Time

4: sustain [v]
to make something continue over a period of time

5: nonchalant [adj]
behaving calmly and not seeming interested or worried about anything


12-year-old Begins Medical School

Sho Yano, a 12-year-old boy is a first-year medical school student at the University of Chicago, where he is the youngest ever to attend one of the university's professional schools. If he weren't getting his Ph.D. along with his medical degree -- thus, pushing his age at graduation to 19 or 20 -- he'd also be on course to become the youngest person to graduate from any medical school. He has an IQ over 200. And he graduated in three years from Chicago's Loyola University, summa cum laude.
Sho was born in Portland, Oregon, he spent most of his early years in California, where his father, Katsura, now runs the American subsidiary of a Japanese shipping company. Sho lives in the university's family housing with his mother, who originally came to this country from Korea to study art history. Sho's parents let him choose the University of Chicago even though it meant Sho's father would have to live apart from them because of his job.
Sho says he chose medicine because he wants to help people. "I wish I could find a big step, like a treatment for cancer."

5 New Vocabulary Words & Definition

1: Ph.D. [n]
Doctor of Philosophy; the highest university degree that can be earned, which is given to someone who has done serious research, or someone who has this degree

2: thus [adv]
as a result of something that you have just mentioned

3: summa cum laude [adv]
with highest honor; if you graduated summa cum laude, you have achieved the highest level in your college or university degree

4: subsidiary [n]
a company that is owned or controlled by another company

5: medicine [n]
the treatment and study of illnesses and injuries


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