2003年04月07日(月) Descriptive Paragraph (Intermediate Skills)

[Descriptive Paragraph; Introduce to a place that you can reccomend in your country. ]

My Favorite Jazz Bar #3
(corrected by Joe)

I'd like to introduce you to my favorite jazz bar in Japan, Sonoka. It is a very small and old bar, located in the basement of a tiny, rundown building. The building is in front of the huge train station, Meguro. Next door to the bar there is pachinko, which is a big and noisy Japanese upright pinball games.
Sonoka isn't well-known among the general public. Most jazz-lovers know the bar's name, because it is famous for being very strict with the customers. Sonoka also gives us uncommon, high-quality, grooved jazz music. During the performance, of course, the audience must not talk. During the jam session, customers are allowed to play with the band. If the customers do not play well, the band members will not call on them to play again that night.
However stubborn Sonoka is really loved by the regular customers. In Sonoka, the musicians are very close to you, which makes you feel you can identify with them. Regular customers love Sonoka so much that they are worried about it, whenever a typhoon comes. The morning after a typhoon, they go to Sonoka to check and see if it is safe or not. Sonoka is occasionally flooded by typhoons. When it is flooded, some regular customers will take a day off work to help with cleaning at Sonoka.
If you have an opportunity to visit Tokyo, Japan, I'd like to recommend Sonoka. If you are a jazz-lover or listener but not a musician, then I recommend seeing a performance. The jam sessions are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So if you are a good amateur jazz musician, I highly recommend that you join in the jam session.
Sonoka is definitely not a dangerous bar, and it is much more friendly than criticism.

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